Our Products

A Little About Our Premium Bedding Products

Our high-quality blends are all low-dust, long-lasting, and air-dried. We do all our log-shaving on-site, and we love working with our customers to create your ideal custom blends. In addition, we work hard to ensure excellent relationships with our suppliers.  

Since horses will browse for food on the ground, eating hay that falls onto their bedding is natural. Inhaling dust that may be lying among the shavings or created from the horse grinding the bedding to dust can be a common problem.

If we shopped around and bought from whatever mill had a surplus that week, our customers would never know what to expect. So, we buy from the same mills, week in and week out. This assures a dependable, consistent product you can always rely on. Unfortunately, many mills and shops use wood products that may not be safe for your animal to be close to. Walnut, maple, and cherry are just a few species of wood that can be harmful to horses.

Premium Douglas Fir Bedding

Our original bedding products are soft and resilient, comfortable, long-lasting, high fiber, and large flake size. The lumber for this bedding is planed from green Douglas Fir logs, and air dries quickly for year-round comfort. Douglas Fir Bedding contains no toxins, is virtually dust-free, and won't break down as fast in the stalls. It is packed in the iconic Blue Bags you've seen at racetracks, riding clubs, veterinary clinics, and equine hospitals.

Premium Pine Bedding

Our Pine bedding is very absorbent, has substantial fiber content, with a medium-long product life. In 2007, we began custom shaving Pine logs to assure quality products made specifically for dust-free bedding. Our pine shavings are from forests in the Western states solely due to thinning and fire control logging. Our Pine bedding is packed in clear bags.

Premium Fines Bedding

Our premium fines are extracted from pine and Douglas Fir shavings. We refer to this type of bedding as “horse litter”. Like kitty litter, it is absorbent and clumps well around animal waste. Unlike saw dust from a mill, our fines are screened for dust and air dried to provide a long lasting, but easy to clean alternative to larger flake products.
Ceder Shavings


Primarily for dog kennels, we do, however, have quite a few customers who prefer Cedar for horse bedding due to its pleasing aromatic scent. In addition, Cedar is firm with high fiber content and a long bedding life.

Custom Blends

Need a custom blend? Many of our long-time customers have chosen combinations specific to their needs and climate. For example, a mix of 75% Douglas Fir and 25% Pine is soft, comfortable, resilient, and absorbent. Perfect for dust control in dry weather. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have a specific blend in mind. Our custom blends are packed in white bags.