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Why JTS?

JTS Animal Bedding is known for high-quality premium products.

Animal bedding is the name of our game; it is our only product; therefore, we have refined our process thoroughly. 

With over 30 years of experience, many of our employees are experts, when you call us, we pick up the phone with a wealth of knowledge, ready to answer any questions you have. Real people, genuine customer service, and excellent quality. We stand behind our premium products and offer our 100% guarantee that our customers will always receive the best animal bedding available. 

We deliver, and communication is our top priority when it comes to customer service. If for any reason a delay occurs, we will keep you informed every step of the way. From the moment your order is placed to its arrival at your barns.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Many of our long-term customers have been with us for decades. We are grateful, we understand you have choices, and you continue to choose us.

The JTS Difference

Why choose JTS?

Consistently the Best Product

If we shopped around and bought from whatever mill had a surplus that week, our customers would never know what to expect. So we buy from the same mills, week in and week out, ensuring a dependable, consistent product you can always rely on Our goal is to ship it fresh, usually the same day it’s packed. We inspect and stand behind every load -- your guarantee of the very highest quality product.

Delivered on Time

Bales are shipped from our facility in 28’ or 53’ trailers. Bales are hand stacked or palletized for your convenience. Thanks to our good relationships with trucking companies, we schedule deliveries when customers want them. If something occurs that could cause a delay, we call our customer immediately. On-time delivery is important to us, and we’ll do all we can to make sure your shipments are timely.

Full Measure Bales

Our people work to assure that every bale contains a full measure of product. Every bale is 100% pure wood shavings to the exact measure; it's what you count on from JTS Animal Bedding. We take a great deal of pride in assuring that no bale ever contains less than promised. Your satisfaction is our priority.

An Excellent Value

We think our animal bedding products are the best out there and our pricing is fair. Our long-term customer relationships bear that out.

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